Volunteer Information and Sign Up
Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering for the 2019 Oklahoma Dance Rush. As you know, we really rely on our
volunteer staff to help us achieve the goal of a successful event weekend.   So again, thank you.

If this is your first time to volunteer or you are experienced, you may still have questions. Hopefully, some of the questions will
be answered in this letter.

To receive a weekend pass, ten (10) volunteer hours must be provided.
As the event gets a little closer we will be able to provide a more accurate time schedule for each of the sessions to be worked.
We post a tentative schedule first then, depending on registrations, we post a actual event schedule. So please allow a little
leeway in your schedule when signing up for specific jobs and times.

Our volunteer coordinator is Joy Summers-Ables. She is very qualified in this position. She has many years of experience not
only as a Coordinator, but also as a competitor. So, please feel free to ask her any question large or small. She is there to help
the event run smoothly. Her contact information will be provided below. She will be able to provide you with the job description
as well as a tentative  time of arrival and departure. She will also be the person to keep track of the number of hours worked, so
please check in with her at the event. She will be at the registration desk or the Dance Rush store located in the Embassy Hotel
as early as Thursday, April 25, 2019.

Take a moment to visit
https://tinyurl.com/DanceRushVolunteer2019 and complete the information.

www.oklahomadancerush.net and select the volunteer tab.

Contact Joy directly. Her info is:         Joy Summers-Ables