Thursday :            

10:00am              Registration open for Ballroom competitors
 Registration Opens at 5pm for UCWDC competitors and any other attendees.

1:00pm                Ballroom opens for American Smooth & International Standard warm ups.
2:00 pm               
Competition Begins for Smooth, Standard and some Solo routines,
Spectacular professional show by Rangle Spirov & Veronika Chernyavska                                  
                           All multi dance
awards and social dancing


9:00am               Ballroom opens for Registrations &  warm ups
10:30am              Competition begins for Rhythm, Latin, Club dances and Solos.

11:00am             UCWDC Registration Opens

4:00pm                 All Pro Am Int/Adv/ Pro Pro (including Showcase) Country Warm ups
4:30pm                 All Pro Am Int/Adv/Pro Pro (including Showcase)  Country Competition begins
                            Dance Party/CTST Competition


8:00am                   Registration Opens

9:00am                   ProAm Syllabus and Newcomer warm ups
9:30am                   ProAm Syllabus and Newcomer competition

1:30pm                   All Novice Pro-Am  Warm ups
2:00pm                   All Novice Pro -Am Competition

4:30pm                   AWARDS for all ProAm Divisions-Top Students and Top Pros

5:00pm                   Ballroom closes for Show Practice

7:00pm                   Doors open for social dancing

8:00pm                   Masters/Superstars/Team Competition and Show
          Including Top Instructor and Top Student Awards

10:30pm                  Swing competition and West Coast & Two step Jack & Jill's


8:30am                    Registration Opens

9:30am                    Warm ups for all couples including Crown and Line Dance divisions (except Masters).
10:00am                  Competition for all couples and Line Dance

                     AWARDS for all couples and Swing will be immediately following the competition
Tentative Competition Schedule
This is only a tentative schedule.
The schedule times may change but the day of the division will stay the same.
So check back often for updates.